About the Practitioners


Jessica Lindbo, MMT, FMT (Owner)

Owner, Jessica Lindbo, is one of Washington State’s 122 certified Medical Massage Practitioners. She specializes in pre-and post-surgical massage and rehabilitation, as well as automobile and work injuries. Working alongside some of Washington’s top neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, pain management specialists, physical therapists, primary care doctors and chiropractors, she has had the opportunity to help many patients achieve optimal health and wellness. Jessica attended Washington State University, where she studied neuroscience and psychology, providing her with the knowledge and education that sets her far apart from every other therapist out there. During college, she spent four years working as a certified chiropractic assistant, where she deepened her education about the body as well as holistic medicine. Jessica’s previous education and work history has led her to become one of the pacific northwest’s top medical massage practitioners. However, it is her warm heart and caring attitude that the patients rave about most, she is a true healer inside and out. Jessica is the mother of four beautiful children, and one spunky kitten. She is the wife of an amazing, supportive, handyman that she enjoys traveling the world with; when she is not saving lives in the office, she enjoys gardening, and spending time with her family.



Yvonne VanHorn, LMT, FMT

Yvonne has been a leading therapist in our medical massage community now for 12 years, she specializes in deep tissue, pre and post surgical massage, kinesiotaping, functional movement techniques, and can treat and heal anything from sciatica, piraformis syndrome and plantar fasciitis to frozen shoulder, chronic headaches and much more. Yvonne's intuition and ability to zone into pain quickly has always been a strong suit of hers and something her patients are always raving about. She is capable of making deep tissue both painful and enjoyable and because of that and her ability to treat and heal, her following of patients is endless; All of this making her one of the best and most successful massage therapists around. Yvonne is a music lover and is surrounded by it whenever possible, she loves hiking, going to the gym, and spending time with friends and family. Yvonne has been nothing short of a blessing to her patients and to our office and we are so grateful to have her here. Thank you Yvonne for being you, and for making us smile and laugh daily.





Lisa Conlon, LMT

Lisa has been a massage therapist in the medical community for nine years now, working solely with chiropractors before coming on board with Meridian Medical Massage. Lisa's vast holistic knowledge and nurturing compassion is what makes her one of the best therapists in the field. She prides herself on honoring each patient's unique needs and then goes above and beyond to listen with intent, making all patients feel confident and comfortable with their massage, and treatment plans. Lisa enjoys camping, hiking, rock and crystal hunting, and anything outdoors, from the beach to the mountains. She also enjoys spending time with her best friends, who just happen to be her daughters and her new grandson. Lisa is a compassionate soul, with a heart pure as gold and we are so blessed to have her as a part of our sisterhood of healers. Thank you Lisa, for your nurturing spirit, your kind heart, and your phenomenal healing hands.





Emili O'Rourke, LMT

Emili has been a massage therapist for four years now, she specializes in deep tissue, massage cupping, passive stretching, sports massage, prenatal massage and more. Emili has spent the three years that she has been in this career diving deep into her passion for healing and has already made a name for herself as one of the top treatment therapists in our community. She prides herself on "working with the patients, not on them" and this too sets her apart from other therapists. Emili has a kind heart and an old soul, making it very easy to connect with anyone that comes her way. She is a little bit country and a little bit Rock N Roll and is a true blessing to all that cross her path. Emili enjoys hiking, playing video games and spending time with her significant other and friends. She can very easily put a smile on anyone's face and does so daily. We consider ourselves very lucky to have her as apart of our sisterhood and to heal the world along side of her. Thank you Emili for being our ray of sunshine and brightening up our office with your presence and for always making us smile.


Kayla Hodges, LMT              (Bio Coming Soon!)                 

Kristie Amario, LMT             (Bio Coming Soon!)

Alicia Avis, LMT                     (Bio Coming Soon!)